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Tips on Creating a Creative 'Homeschool' for your Toddler

Tips on Creating a Creative 'Homeschool' for your Toddler

During these challenging times, it is important that you clearly explain to your children the current situation in a way that you will not form fear in their minds. You should also be firm on how you react with the situation because as their parents, they look up to you and to your actions; you are their role model.

Among other people, you know your child the most. You are the expert when it comes to your child – you know when they are enjoying an activity or not.

You may focus on honing their character, their attitude and their skills.

And so here are some tips on how to spend and enjoy time with your child during a quarantine season:

1. Wake up early and have a quiet time together.

Start the day by showing your child what it’s like to have a heart with gratitude and appreciation for the Lord. Another day means another blessing.

It is also important that you have a timeline or a schedule of the activities you will make for the whole day.

2. Make a dream board with your child.

Awaken the dreamer within them. You can make a dream board in a ½ illustration board and unleash your child’s creativity using colored papers, watercolor paints, craft scissors, and other craft materials. Teach your children not just to dream high, but to dream deep. Make them understand the importance of being passionate and having an objective in everything that they do.

3. Have a “We should try this!”-moments with your child.

Schedule once a day or once every other day an activity wherein you and your child can explore new and different activities that has tutorials on the internet. Examples are:  home-made ice cream, frozen fruit yogurts, fruit jelly, bento box, non-coffee “Dalgona Coffee”, etc.

4. Have a “story-telling” time.

Tell them your childhood through physical activities (eg. patintero, etc). You can incorporate this with the games they know today. Sing to them your childhood songs or let them listen to classical songs (different instruments such as cielo, violin, piano, etc).

5. Invite them to help you with household chores.

It is important to start teaching children on how to be responsible even at a young age.  Let them help you wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean their room. You can also give them their own cleaning materials, for example, mini-broom, gloves for the laundry, etc.

6. Exercise with your children.

Showing them the importance of physical exercise will hone their mind to consider this as their habit until they grow old. Do a physical activity with your children every morning (jog, yoga, table tennis, etc.).

7. Make a bucket list of activities for the lockdown period.

Converse with your child and list down different activities your child wants to learn or accomplish during this period. It can be to learn how to play different musical instruments, play different games (Sungka, etc.), declutter their room, etc.

During this time, the most important thing is to comfort your children when they feel anxious about the situation. You are their best friend and their ally. Enjoy every little thing you do together because they only get to be young once.



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