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Immune Boosters for Moms

Immune Boosters for Moms

The immune system is the protector of the body when it comes to defeating viruses. One way of battling the dreaded Corona Virus or COVID-19 is to have a healthy and strong immune system. Like the immune system, moms are the number 1 protector of their children. They do their best in making their children safe at all costs. But to do this, moms must also protect themselves. They should have their immune system boosted for them to have the energy to keep their children safe.

There are a lot of ways moms can make their immune system stronger. First, moms should always eat food with a lot of anti-oxidants that defend their cells from harm. Foods like citrus fruits, green vegetables and even garlic. Citrus fruits have a lot of Vit. C that can prevent diseases such as colds and flu. Green leafy vegetables, like spinach, are rich in vitamins and minerals that boosts the immune system while garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Another anti-oxidant that can help moms is the Optimal Zinc which can be found in foods such as nuts, meat, grains and dairy.

Second, moms must always have enough sleep for them to have a lot of energy the next day. Studies also show that having enough sleep can help boost the immune system. For regular adults, they should have at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Third, moms must have daily exercise to keep their bones healthy and strong. 20 minutes of daily exercise can already help moms to be more active and healthier.

Lastly and another vitamin that moms need is Vitamin D. This vitamin’s important role is activating the white blood cells in the body that help prevent infections. One natural way in attaining this vitamin is through the sun. Moms must also be cautious in receiving Vitamin D because it can damage the skin because of the UV rays. The best time to acquire this vitamin is around 7am-9am.

Moms must also protect themselves for them to be able to accomplish their duties. As a protector, moms must defend their children from all harm. Eating the right food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are steps in becoming the strong and reliable protector of their children.


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