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When is the Best Time to Stop Breastfeeding

When is the Best Time to Stop Breastfeeding

There is actually no ideal time on when to stop breastfeeding. It depends on the baby’s attitude. If he or she is a go-with-the-flow kind of baby, this might be easier because it means that they can adjust easily in certain situations. Moms need to check on their baby’s reaction every time they stop breastfeeding to see if the baby is comfortable in his or her new situation. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they recommend to stop breastfeeding or what they call as “weaning” when the baby reaches 6 months old and above.

When a mom plans to wean earlier than 6 months, it needs a lot of patience and understanding because some babies are not yet ready to stop breastfeeding. A mom can try to place her breastmilk in a bottle because the baby tends to search for the taste of his or her mom’s breastmilk. It can also be a good training for the baby to get used to the bottle.

At earlier months, the mom’s breast is filled with milk which can cause enlargement and can be heavy for them. Breastfeeding helps them feel at ease because the babies are helping them remove the milk from their breast. It is recommended that they breast pump at least thrice a day for them to be relieved from the heaviness and start feeding the babies by bottle. If the baby is refusing the bottle, moms should be patient and open for experimentation.

Pediatricians recommend weaning at around 6 months to 8 months old. When babies get older, they tend to lose interest in nursing. It is easier during this time because babies are focused on their sensory senses and becoming more curious on their surroundings. They tend to get distracted and move away from the breast to see things around them. 

Weaning or stopping of breastfeeding depends on mom’s and baby’s decision. For some moms, they prefer to breastfeed because it is the most intimate time with their baby. Weaning can cause them separation anxiety, especially for working moms. For babies, this can be one of the biggest changes in their lives; it is one step in maturing. Changes for some babies can be overwhelming because they don’t usually know how to react on it. Moms should always be patient and understanding if the babies are not yet entertaining the idea of weaning.

One recommendation to help both mom and baby is to have alternate drinking method in a day. The baby can breastfeed in the morning while at night, he or she can drink through the bottle. In this way, babies can easily adjust and moms can avoid separation anxiety to their babies. It is also best to find another means for them to be more physically intimate, like playing together, reading books and or just simply sitting beside each other.

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