Baby Moby - Breastmilk Storage Bags (8oz)

200.00 php

Brand: Baby Moby

Category: FOR MOM


A box has 24 breastmilk bags with 3 cute and colorful designs. Its features are: - Hygienic pre-seal top - Double zip gives extra security - Large space to record storage details - Air, moisture, and light barriers for safe long term storage without the loss of vitamins and nutrients - Expandable base allows self- standing - Holds up to 8oz or 250ml of breastmilk with accurate measurement - Separated and easy-tearing pouring spout designed to prevent bacteria contamination - Wide side and bottom seals for enhanced strength (5mm) - PET/LDPE is leakproof and durable over temperature range -20C to 110C. - 24 bags in each box